A unique, process driven approach to delivering outstanding results

Our services support our clients so that they can improve decision making, optimize internal business processes, increase operational efficiency, drive new revenues, and gain an edge over competition.
Vicara’s services span the entire range from design to delivery, including architecture, project management, business analysis, testing and implementation. We provide fully staffed projects at fixed prices as well as individual point resources and expert services.

We provide several service combinations such as on-site and off-shore, on-site and near-shore, simply on-site or simply off-shore.

Our lean management and flat organizational structure ensures agility which allows us to respond rapidly to changes, internal or external, without losing momentum or vision. Our style is uncomplicated and flexible, but our commitment is uncompromising.

We always aim to cater to your specific needs, with a focus on the essential and practical. From day one, our aim is to provide value addition and deliver tangible and measurable progress and results.


    Design and Architecture, Strategy and Roadmap, Service and Product Management


    On Site Management, Remote and Offshore Managed


    • 3.1 Project and Program Management

      Project Management, Program Management

    • 3.2 Analysis

      Business Analysis, Financial Analysis

    • 3.3 Development

    • 3.4 Testing and QA

      Test Management, Test Data


Design and Architecture

Are you implementing a new Data Lake, Data Warehouse, or enhancing existing systems with new tools and technologies?

Our experienced architects can help you with assessing your needs and design the new target state.
We promise that our solutions will keep the balance between best practices and state of the art technologies on one hand and practicality and budget constraints on the other.

Strategy and Road Map

Do you need assistance in designing strategies and building a plausible roadmap?

Analytics, as any other technology systems, evolve over time. The technical possibilities are growing faster than solutions can evolve.
Also, business demand is often opposite to enabling budgets and resources are scarce.
At Vicara, we believe in strategies that are not only based on vision but also on facts. And we build roadmaps with achievable and measurable benefits.

Service and Product Management

Are you short on resources? Or do you need to have your staff focus on strategic engagements?

Let us take on the management of your systems.
We embed our experienced consultants in your teams and let them be responsible for providing the Service and Product Management. This includes short- to mid-term planning of product (application) evolution, planning of release cycles, project management, staff and budget planning, and so on.


On Site Managed

Keep your applications and infrastructure in-house and on the premises, but outsource its management to our qualified and experienced staff. You keep the control, but hand over the responsibility of managing and running your systems to us.
Vicara’s key staff engages with you on a day-to-day basis and ensures your expectations and service levels are met. We are part of your organization, adopt your already established processes, and respond to your management structures.

Remote/Off-shore Managed

As an augmentation to our on-shore services, we provide excellent off-shore capabilities from our India Engineering Center in Delhi, India. Managed Services then become attractive when costs can be reduced and services can be maintained.
Our off-shore services are handled by high-quality, dedicated and responsive professionals.
At Vicara you find a great mix of junior to senior Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Test Engineers. Our staff is trained in-house in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence technologies. And in addition we establish our own SDLC and Agile best practices.


Project Management

Are you in need of qualified resources to manage or support your projects? Do you need help in establishing best practices in your projects and implementing SDLC or Agile?

Are you looking for a trusted partner to provide qualified, experienced and engaging resources to staff and run your projects?

We staff individual resources as well as entire project teams. From Project to Program Managers, but, of course, also Business Analysts, Test and QA Engineers and a variety of highly skilled Developers and Software Engineers.
Best practices developed by our own Vicara Competence Center for Project Management ensure a consistently high standard across our entire staff. We aim to provide and apply standards that ensure quality and practicality at the same time.

Program Management

Do you need to staff your Program Management Office with a qualified and seasoned Program Manager?

We can help you with experienced resources that understand the PMO business and processes of our clients.
We are also capable of staffing entire Project and Program Management Offices with a pool of leading and supporting resources.


Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts are required to master the split between business and technology at all times. They are capable of representing both sides in a project and translate requirements, use cases and solutions to any stakeholder and project member.
You will find that many of our BAs are technically trained but also come with a strong acumen in Finance, Mathematics or Statistics.
Use our BAs to augment your project teams, embed them in your business operations or simply appoint them to improve business or IT operations. You will find them to be highly valuable, requiring only a very short ramp up time.

Financial Analysis

There are two sides to many projects: the customer and the provider, or the technologist and the business expert. In order to represent the business side appropriately, Vicara very successfully staffs Financial Analysts with strong technology acumen.
These experts in Finance, Statistics and Mathematics are often a much needed resource to help develop functional models as well as validation cases for complex finance systems.
At Vicara, we find that our Financial Analysts are fast becoming valuable team members in Finance Departments, assuming responsibility of important systems and processes.


Vicara houses professional developers, with full experience in architecting and building end to end software and applications.
We can provide you with experts who can help architect, document, plan and develop platforms and applications using various tools and technologies, as mentioned in our expertise.


Test Management

Testing and Quality Assurance with an unbiased eye towards the quality gates of the end product, and understanding the technology aspects of software development as well as the end users’ expectations of a business application: these are the must haves of successful delivery management.
Vicara understands the criticality of good Test Management and lives by the highest standards when it comes to getting software ready for prime time.

Test Data

Test Management is as good as the data that is used to test software. However, testing cannot and should not be performed with real life production data. Test data must be fully synthetic, yet realistic and fully integrated, to ensure the integrity of a firm’s sensitive information and 100 percent guarantee of client confidentiality.
Vicara is experienced in developing test data that fulfills these requirements. We can help you to build test data that make sense and are fully synthetic, yet integrate between your many source systems.