about us

Vicara is a Delhi-based technology consulting company specializing in Cloud Computing, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics for various industries. The company was founded in 2013 in Delhi by Vivek Bhardwaj, an entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the global financial services industry.

We provide end-to-end managed services, managed capacity, outsourcing services and staff augmentation, ranging from project management to testing and quality assurance. We have a fundamental belief and guiding principle of serving our clients, so that they can optimize internal business processes, increase operational efficiency, and gain an edge over the competition.

“I had a dream. I followed a mantra. Vicara is a platform to learn, practice, and serve. You can do it your way.”


CEO & Founder

our vision

At Vicara, we aim to provide innovative and high quality services – at an attractive and cost effective price – while invariably putting our customers at the heart of our thinking. This is our guiding principle and our fundamental belief.

our commitment





Vicara Infotech Group AG actively sponsored and engaged in the 2015-2016 Year of Swiss Innovation in India. We helped bring together IT specialists from both countries to engage in business and technology excellence.

The Year of Swiss Innovation in India, with its motto of ‘Thin innovation, think Switzerland’ promoted the excellence of Swiss innovation in India. Selected projects that demonstrated the best of Swiss creativity, ingenuity, scientific and technical know-how and expertise in various subject matters were presented in India.

    • Swiss-Indian Friendship Initiative (SIF70) Partner

    • Vidhya School: To strive hard for the holistic development of the students combined with values and to broaden one’s outlook and make oneself useful to society and the world at large.