Migrating Applications to Public Cloud

  • Client Large Swiss-based Multinational Bank

  • Objective Re-architecture frontend online banking applications towards a modern microservice-based architecture, optimized for cloud deployment.

  • Description At present, the frontend have applications spanning horizontally, in a monolithic approach. We are doing architectural analysis, design and implementation to decompose and re-architecture applications into microservices, and integrated with public cloud environment and deployment solutions.

  • Outcome Exceeded deliverables and expectations by more than three folds. Automated completion of full infrastructure deployment in less than 25 mins. On premise to public cloud connectivity achieved. Co-existence of a hybrid cloud solution. Runtime deployment of new cloud-based microfrontend to on premise application. Seamless roll out and versioning deployment of microfrontends. For our microfrontends, we seamlessly did close to 500 deployments, using Azure. Upskill client teams and knowledge transfer.

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